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Mumford Schubel Law Office assists those who need auto accident lawyers, dog bite lawyers, or lawyers for other serious personal injury related incidents that may require litigation. A personal injury occurs when you have been injured due to someone else’s carelessness. The first thing you should do after you have been injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident, or if you have been injured by a dog bite, is make sure that the police have been notified. You should also seek immediate medical treatment even if you are not sure that you have been seriously injured. Make notes about the accident. Write down how it happened and who witnessed it. Also, protect any evidence of your personal injury.

Next, contact Mumford Schubel Law Office to discuss your case. Our Battle Creek personal injury lawyers help clients achieve a fair and reasonable resolution to their personal injury actions. Although we are located in Battle Creek, we also deal with personal injury clients in surrounding areas including Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Coldwater, Hastings, and throughout West Michigan.

Auto Accidents

Personal injury claims arising out of auto accidents are more complex in Michigan than in many other states because of the unique nature of Michigan’s No-fault Insurance Law.  In Michigan, accident victims are generally required to show that they have suffered a “serious impairment of body function” or “permanent disfigurement” in order to prevail on their claims.  These are highly technical terms and involve a complex interplay between the law and medicine.  Accident victims should seek the assistance of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to guide them and to provide effective legal representation.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Most collisions involving cars and motorcycles are the result of the automobile driver failing to keep a proper lookout.  The injuries from these crashes, furthermore, can be devastating, resulting in permanent disabilities, scarring and disfigurement.  Despite clear liability and serious damages, motorcycle claims can be challenging because of the knee-jerk reaction of many people to blame the victim—the motorcyclist—for being on a bike in the first place.  Accident victims need the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to counter this bias to achieve a just result.  In addition, our attorneys are motorcyclists themselves!

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Dog Bites

Dog bites can be dangerous and even life threatening, sometimes resulting in infection and hospitalization.  Dog bites often result in permanent scarring and the incidents themselves are often traumatic, resulting in a long-term emotional toll.  Michigan law recognizes “strict liability” for dog bite cases.  This means that dog owners are automatically liable for injuries caused by a dog bite regardless of whether they had any previous knowledge of a dog’s dangerous propensities.  Dog bite victims should seek the assistance of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to guide them and to provide effective legal representation.

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No-Fault Insurance Claims

Auto accident victims in Michigan are automatically entitled to no-fault insurance benefits.  These benefits include medical expenses, lost wages (for up to 3 years from the date of the accident) and replacement services.  Generally, these expenses will be paid by the accident victim’s own insurance company, regardless of whether they were occupying their own vehicle or someone else’s.  (The rule is reversed for motorcyclists:  They draw benefits from the insurer of the automobile or truck involved in the accident).

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Wrongful Death

Under Michigan’s Wrongful Death Act the surviving next-of-kin are permitted to seek compensation following the death of a loved one for the loss of financial support and loss of society and companionship caused by the death.  Generally, the class of claimants entitled to compensation under this law is limited to a deceased’s spouse, children, descendants, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, stepchildren, and devisees under a will.  In addition, the decedent’s estate itself is entitled to compensation for medical, hospital, funeral, and burial expenses for which the estate is liable, together with reasonable compensation for the pain and suffering, while conscious, undergone by the deceased during the period intervening between the time of the injury and death.

Brain injuries

Brain injuries can be tragic and catastrophic, resulting in months of physical therapy and rehabilitation and sometimes permanent, life-long disability.  While oftentimes the presence of brain trauma will be obvious from MRIs or other radiological studies, in other cases brain trauma is more subtle, requiring a battery of neuropsychological tests to diagnose and evaluate.  Brain injury is generally referred to in medical reports by such names as CHI (closed head injury), TBI (traumatic brain injury), MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury), PCS (post-concussive syndrome), or other similar terms.  All brain injuries are potentially serious, however, and may result in ongoing pain and limitations.    Accident victims who suffer from brain injuries need the assistance of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to guide them and to provide effective legal representation.

Spinal injuries

The spinal cord has been compared with a highly complex telephone cable.  It is enclosed in the vertebral column and has three membranous coverings: the dura mater, the pia mater, and the arachnoid.  Trauma to the spinal cord itself can produce serious injury, including paralysis.   Spinal disc herniation, occurring when the nucleus of a spinal disc pushes out in a tear of the annulus, can be caused by trauma.  A herniated disc can irritate nearby nerves, causing pain, numbness, or weakness in an arm or leg.  Disc herniation can also cause bladder or bowel dysfunction.  Accident victims who suffer spinal injuries need the assistance of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to guide them and to provide effective legal representation.

Sexual assault

Sexual assaults often occur in a commercial setting where the victim has trusted the organization or individual rendering a service or treatment to act honestly and ethically.  Tragically, when this trust is broken lives are shattered.  The harm inflicted is even more devastating when investigation reveals that the perpetrator who committed the assault was someone already known to the company as a sexual predator.  Disturbingly, it is often the case that sexual predators remain employed in sensitive positions of trust within organizations even though their employers are aware of their proclivities.  The survivors of sexual assault need the assistance of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to guide them and to provide effective legal representation.

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