Skilled Divorce Lawyers in Kalamazoo and West Michigan

Like most legal proceedings, family law matters like divorce are more easily handled with skilled family law and divorce lawyers in Kalamazoo and throughout West Michigan. Mumford Schubel Law Office has years of experience providing legal services to those dealing with family law matters. Michigan has strict guidelines regarding divorce and family legal proceedings, so it is important to have someone working with you who understands and can help you work within those guidelines. For cases that cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiation, the court carefully examines a variety of factors before a judge makes a legal ruling. He or she looks at the welfare of any children involved as well as the wants and needs of each spouse.


Have you been served with a complaint for divorce? Do you want to initiate a divorce complaint? How are property and debt divided in the divorce? Can you get alimony?

Child support

How can I calculate the support amount? What circumstances may change the child support? How to file a motion to modify child support.

Child custody

What is legal and physical custody? How do you change custody? What are third-party custody arrangements?

Grandparents’ rights

Do you have any legal right to see your grandchildren?


How do you establish specific parenting time? What is necessary to change parenting time?

Pre-nuptial & post-nuptial agreements

What do those agreements regulate? Do they get upheld by the Courts?

Anya V. Henderson
Family Law Attorney

Anya V. Henderson is an attorney who specializes in family and immigration law. To view her profile, click below, or scroll down to our contact form to submit a request.

Anya V. Russell